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Imagine a hidden universe, just beneath the surface but invisible to the senses, with intricately layered realms as diverse and colorful as a coral reef or a tropical forest. What if you could explore these worlds, in search of healing, wisdom, and spiritual truth? And what if exploring these hidden realms could bring profound wellness, personal insight, and lasting life changes?


This is the path of shamans, of yogis, of indigenous healers and ancient mystics. Using sacred technologies handed down from antiquity, their journeys take them not around the globe but rather into the depths of the self, navigating the uncharted expanse of human consciousness. BodhiBreath invites you to follow in their footsteps. 



Western approaches to wellness are slowly embracing what indigenous, shamanic, Eastern, and mystical traditions have advocated for thousands of years: that suffering cannot be compartmentalized as solely physical, emotional, or spiritual. Traditional wisdom understands wellness as holistic, an integrated and inseparable state of mind, body, and spirit. A guru promotes a strong body, a quiet mind, and a self-realized soul. A medicine man is a traditional healer and a spiritual leader. A shaman serves the community as psychologist, doctor, and priest. BodhiBreath bridges modern consciousness research and ancient practices, offering a comprehensive mind-body-spirit approach to enhancing overall well-being. Unique in its methodology, it represents the next evolution of the modern health spa experience.



There is a common thread underlying the ancient wisdom traditions: that the key to accessing profound joy, inner peace, and lasting well-being is found not in our external world but in our relationship to ourselves. And without exception, all of these ageless practices are also highly experiential; that is, they are designed to transform us through direct personal experience. Direct experience of what? Of the innate wisdom that is in each of us. True transformation emerges only from direct experience, by focusing our awareness within, and journeying beyond the conscious mind. BodhiBreath is a modern sacred technology designed to help people do just this.



Health spas have embraced the shift toward a holistic mind-body-spirit wellness philosophy. Yoga, meditation, movement techniques, and various forms of energy work are now commonplace on today’s spa menus. The addition of BodhiBreath now offers people the transformative immediacy and intensity of the shamanic inner journey. Offered in both private sessions and group workshops, BodhiBreath utilizes specially designed music, a unique setting, and intentional breathing to induce an inner journey of expanded consciousness.


Participants, lying on a mat and wearing eyeshades, are coached into an expanded state of awareness and supported throughout a shamanic journey by a specially trained facilitator. Participants report experiences ranging from deep somatic, energetic, or emotional release, to profound transpersonal, transcendent, or mystical experiences.* Whether you are an experienced explorer of expanded consciousness or just beginning your journey, BodhiBreath can open the door to your extraordinary universe within.

 *Every participant has a unique experience, and BodhiBreath cannot predict or guarantee any specific outcome.

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