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“Colleen creates an environment that is deeply life-transforming.”

-Kathryn Brewer

I’m Colleen Reid, founder of BodhiBreath. I am a mystic. I am a shaman. And I know that the same is true of every human being. I know what the yogis know: that there is, at my core, an innate higher wisdom that coaxes me, pushes me, urges me toward my highest potential. And in this respect, I know that I am exactly like you. I believe that every human being, without exception, has the potential for profound inner transformation; that it is, quite simply, our birthright. We are each of us mystics, yogis, and shamans in our own right, capable of expanding our consciousness to tap into the innate wisdom that dwells within us. We have just, in our modern era, forgotten how. I have mastered not just how to listen to that inner source of wisdom, but how to engage it intentionally. I know how to journey beyond the conscious mind, and explore the realms of consciousness that can provide insight, and purpose, and healing, and spiritual growth. I know how to go within. With BodhiBreath, I can show you the way.


I discovered for myself a new state of being that emerged from a life-changing mystical experience. I found myself living in balance, in wellness, and with an undercurrent of abiding peace and joy, even when everyday life seems chaotic. And I knew, from that day forward, that it is my sole purpose on this planet to help others do the same. I’ve traveled the globe - from the forests of South America, to the mountains and plains of Africa, to the island jungles of Southeast Asia - and witnessed first-hand how non-western cultures embrace techniques of altered states of consciousness to promote wellness, creativity, and transformation. In addition to a degree in psychology from Dartmouth College, and an M.E.S. from Yale University, I’ve studied breathwork and transpersonal psychology in the tradition of the great modern pioneer in consciousness research, Dr. Stanislav Grof. From my passion to make the sacred, shamanic techniques accessible to more people, BodhiBreath was born.


There are many teachers of the great wisdom traditions. You can listen to their words, and read their books, and try to wrap your head around what it means to find inspiration within, to heal, or awaken, or transform. And while such counsel is invaluable, at some point you need to stop listening, stop reading, stop searching for the answers from the external world, and simply experience it for yourself. This is the only true way. Your greatest teacher is within you. BodhiBreath is your tool. I'm at your service, as your guide.

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