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BodhiBreath participants report experiences ranging from deep somatic, energetic, or emotional release, to profound transpersonal, transcendent, or mystical experiences. In their own words, they share the way BodhiBreath has improved the way they feel and live. 

"I have participated in many 'personal growth' activities over the last 35 years.  I recently did two BodhiBreath sessions with Colleen.  None of my prior activities were led by someone that was so totally committed to the participants as Colleen.  I found her to be sensitive, focused, caring, thorough, honest, detail-oriented, insightful, knowledgeable, professional, generous, and, above all, extremely loving in every respect.  Being in her presence was inspiring.  Every detail of every moment was finely organized and beautifully presented.  Being critical, I was looking for some way to find fault, but I found nothing.  Everything was lovingly done in every way.  I would honestly give her 100 out of 100."    -Mr. DF

“Colleen creates an environment that is deeply life-transforming.  Her ability to orchestrate a powerful sound experience coupled with the breathing, plus the energy she is able to access and hold, opened me to receive an experience that cannot be described in words.  It was similar to the near-death experiences reported by many people.  Not only did I receive a complete healing of an over fifty-year old back injury (it’s as if my cells were being reorganized), I felt such safety that I allowed myself to be transported to where I palpably felt my multidimensional origins and my light body in a field of indescribable love, peace, and serenity, and then even beyond that to an absolute knowing of my Oneness with Source.  As I write these words they seem hollow in comparison to my experience.  Since that experience fifteen months ago, I have seen my life from a wider perspective and have made tremendous changes that I could never have considered possible before.  Colleen's unique creation illumined my spirit.”    -Kathryn Brewer

“I can’t say enough about Colleen and her work. I have been the recipient of her expertise in combining music and a type of breathing that allows one to experience a different state of being. I had no expectations but curiosity, felt totally relaxed and safe throughout the process, had insights, felt amazed, and left joyful! It’s something you simply need to experience for yourself.”    -Judy Macy

"When it comes to personal growth practices, there are a multitude to choose from but it is rare to find a precious jewel such as BodhiBreath. I didn't know what to expect as we laid down to our mats but in the course of a few hours I discovered the greater cosmos and a deep transformation of connection to the Cosmic Christ. It is just as vivid and alive in my memory today as it was then (almost a year ago). I cherish the piece of artwork I created immediately afterwards. It represents an emblazoned image of the Cosmic Christ. I'm not an artist but it's simply beautiful! Colleen's coaching and thorough approach to prepare us for the breathwork gave me the confidence I needed to surrender to the process. She is keenly attentive, caring and expert with everyone throughout the process. I am grateful for the gift of Bodhi Breath and look forward to another experience of it."    -Nina Patrick

"I had the opportunity to do a breathwork session with Colleen along with 11 other participants in Ojai, California. My experience working with Colleen was one I will not soon forget. She brought an unparalleled level of knowledge, professionalism and understanding to the experience. I felt taken care of from the outset with Colleen. This same kind of care continued throughout the journey until I went home. My life was changed.  For this, I am grateful to Colleen. I cannot recommend her highly enough."    - Ellen Bain

“I became aware of Colleen's class through the hospice organization I work with. I hoped it would help me to empathize with a patient in a different state of consciousness by going deeper into my own. I am also an artist who had been blocked because of some traumatic occurrences in my life so I was also there to find my creativity again. And to be my own authentic artist. I could never have imagined how interesting an experience it would be. I went in with no expectations other than to be open minded, and I walked out with more than I'd hoped. I felt immediately comfortable with Colleen as she explained to us what we could expect, and I felt ready for my adventure. I trusted her and she definitely showed how trustworthy she was. Colleen was involved and supportive in every way but never intrusive. I will tell you that it was one of the most fascinating explorations and experiences I've ever had. Being a professional and experienced facilitator, Colleen is there to guide and help you at all times. I found her to be extremely present and alert to all circumstances. As for what happened to me personally, it may sound strange but I encountered my ancestors and spirit guides. They continue to be important to me in my daily life. This experience was the beginning of a whole new path for me. The most intense thing that happened was that my sister who had passed several years ago came to me. My thoughts of her now are blessed with happiness that replaced the sorrow. I feel her with me and also have a new relationship with all of my family and ancestors who have passed. My spirit guides can be summoned now on occasion too and that brings me much comfort. I'm also happy to report that I'm painting and creating again with a new fervor and attitude. It was wonderful beyond imagination and if I told you the story of it all you wouldn't believe it. One must experience it for themselves. I'm thankful I did!”   -Jennifer Guernsey


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